5 Reasons The 67 Steps Is More Valuable Than College

Note: This is not a Tai Lopez endorsed website, I’ve yet to meet Tai face to face, and this was written to help YOU, not Tai Lopez. If you want to make the smart decision of testing out the 67 steps for yourself, Click Here To Claim Your Spot.

Don’t you hate when people talk about things that they’ve never experienced? And not just talk about it, but have a very strong opinion about it?

That’s exactly what most of the critics of Tai Lopez and his 67 steps do. They bash him and his program without even going through his course.

Let me say that again.

They bash him and his program without even going through his course. So that means they talk about something, they know nothing about.

The idea of having a “Good Life” makes so many people uncomfortable because unfortunately most people do not live “The Good Life.” So they reject, criticize and close their minds to someone like Tai Lopez.

Lucky for you, I’m not one of those people. I refuse to talk about things that I haven’t personally tested and experienced for myself. I graduated college, and I completed Tai’s 67 steps, that’s why I also made a Tai Lopez review.

I truly believe that the 67 steps was a better investment than my college degree and I’ll give you 5 reasons why.

Reason #1 – Learning facts vs. Mind training

Our whole modern education system is designed to teach us what to think, it tells us to memorize facts and figures. The saddest reality in college today is how common it is for someone to cram for a test, take the test, then forget everything as soon as a week goes by. That’s NOT learning!

The 67 steps, on the other hand, trains your mind to think. Everything starts in your mind. So by listening and acting on what you learn in the steps, you’re making your mind stronger and more capable of making better decisions that make your life better.

Reason #2 – Price

No one can say they can’t afford a good education ever again…

The lowest average cost of a 4-year college is about 9 grand a year, or 36 grand for the full 4 years. The 67 steps is only $67 dollars. So a college degree costs you 537 times more than the 67 steps. Which should mean that it’s 537 times more valuable. That’s absurd, and completely untrue.

The 67 steps is information that Tai compiled from spending 20 years traveling the world, finding mentors, reading the best books. And he puts it in a way that’s easier for us to understand. That’s essentially what college is, it’s information being passed on. But when your spending 40-200 thousand dollars to learn how to make a living, something’s terribly wrong.

Reason #3 – Systems Are Always Changing

Whether people realize it or not, we’ve fallen into this trap that college is the absolute answer for everyone. College, a system that’s been around for so many years. But let’s face the facts. The price has been going up and up, the amount of debt has been going up and up, and finding employment has been getting harder and harder. Those are all clear signs that something’s not working.

The 67 steps, however, is entirely different. One of the steps goes deep in the idea that we live in a constantly changing world. Tai talks about how important adaptability is in a changing world, and says that no system is perfect. Most people don’t realize that there’s no perfect system to fall in love with (including his course), and he makes it crystal clear for you to overcome this.

Reason #4 – “No, You Can’t Have Your Money Back!”

When was the last time you heard someone tried college, and asked for and received a refund? I’ve never heard of it. Isn’t that a little sketchy? If college was so valuable they would give you a money back guarantee, wouldn’t they?

The 67 steps has a 60-day money back guarantee. So you can get the course, go through 80% of it, and determine if it was valuable to you or not.

Warning: Most people get alarmed because when you get the steps, you automatically get access to the VIP program which is $67 a month. He does this so he can give you the 1st month for free, then if you decide the VIP program is worth it, you do nothing, and you’ll be set up to pay for it month after month. (Less than most people spend on coffee or cable) But if you don’t want it, you simply ask them to cancel your subscription and you can enjoy some free VIP info from Tai in the mean time.

Reason #5 – Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

When I think of college, I think of information overload. You want to hear a ridiculous story? I was studying finance and was getting ready to graduate, but I couldn’t until I took a required art class. The price? $2,500! That’s insane! College teaches us a bunch of general information and puts a crazy price tag on it. I’m pretty sure that was what high school was for, to get general knowledge. College should be about honing in on a skill.

Tai Lopez does an awesome job of simplifying some really powerful information. He’s smart enough not to make it too simple, but he takes information from some of the most successful and influential people of all time, and delivers it in a way that makes sense to anyone of any age.

With all that said, I know college works for a lot of people. All I’m saying is you might be better off paying $67 for the best education I’ve ever seen to help get the “Good Life” rather than spending 40 grand for a piece of paper, and complicated, unnecessary knowledge.

Hope this page helps you get a better understanding of how much the 67 steps can help you. Click Here to Claim Your Spot in the 67 steps.

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