Tai Lopez Scam Conspiracy Debunked

It’s crazy to me how many people go to their favorite search engines and type in stuff like tai lopez scam, or tai lopez is a fraud, or is tai lopez a scam, because I’ve actually followed Tai Lopez and studied him long enough to find out the real truth.

To be clear, I’m not stupid, and I know what you’re thinking if you’re convinced that he’s a scam artist. You’re probably saying, yea he scammed you too, and has brainwashed you. So to help you realize the truth I’m going to be very open and share all the negative things people say about him and why there not true.

The first thing that is discussed with the idea of a Tai Lopez scam, is he rents his Lamborghini’s, his Ferrari’s, and even his homes. I follow him on social media, and he’s had a Lamborghini and a Ferrari for more than 6 months. And a quick search helped me learn that it cost $1,500 a DAY to rent each car. So that’s $3,000 a day for at least 6 months. Which equals $540,000! So even if he did rent them, the fact that he can afford it proves he’s successful. But, obviously no one’s that dumb, he might as well buy the car if he’s going to spend that much. I also saw a video that the house he’s living in was up for rent for $17,000 a month. If you can afford a $17,000 a month rent, I’ll take your financial advice every single time.

Now, here’s to the fun part for all you cynical minds out there. He’s caught criticism for being the owner of an online dating company who seemingly made fake profiles, over charged, and didn’t give the people what they paid for. But the truth people forget is that Tai Lopez builds and sells companies, so maybe he built the company ethically, sold it, and the new owner built it unethically.

The point that needs to be made is we DON’T KNOW if that is true or not true, it’s purely speculation.

I’m going to share a quick story that proves how easy it is to speculate something negatively. I made a video around the Tai Lopez scam topic on YouTube, and it went viral with over 100,000 people seeing it. So with that, came a lot of haters. One went so far to search my name, and found something that made them convinced I too am a fraud. It’s actually really freaking hilarious to me, and was a very humbling experience.

So here’s the background, I played soccer my whole life, and one of my coaches happened to be the head coach of the college I was going to. And in my junior year I was contemplating playing for the team. So the coach put me on the roster just in case I decided to play. So if you search my name, Mark Paljusevic, you’ll see something with St. Thomas Aquinas College soccer. And you’ll see my name under the roster as number 23. But, when you look at the team photo, the person wearing number 23, is clearly not me. So this person saw that and convinced himself that meant I was a fraud. When in reality, I just didn’t play for the team and they obviously filled my roster spot. Isn’t that hilarious!! How cynical people can be.

So I truly believe people are completely wrong about Tai, and the more I listen to him, the more I believe it. It’s understandable that you don’t want to easily trust someone on the internet that you don’t really know. But why not just try this? Get and go through the Tai Lopez 67 step program as a TEST. He gives you a refund guarantee so there is absolutely no risk. Go through the program, listen to what he’s saying, and actually apply the knowledge he’s sharing. Then if you don’t see improvements, then you can qualify to say that he’s not worth the investment.

You see the huge problem around this topic, is all the people talking down about him and calling him a fraud, NEVER actually went through his course! So because the internet is so powerful, these ignorant people have a voice that can be heard. And they chant on the rooftops and say he’s a scam and blah blah blah, so obviously people will believe it.

Hopefully this really helped you understand a different perspective you might not have thought of. It’s a crazy world out there man, and you better be careful who you listen to.

By the way, here’s a case study from my own life. I come from a middle class family, and there was always a lot of tension and stress in my home. I never knew how to deal with it. What I learned from Tai Lopez, completely altered my families future. He helped me become a better leader, he taught me things my college degree never taught me and he offered such a unique perspective on everything. It made me a better listener and more understanding and capable of dealing with our problems. Our family is a strong as ever, my mother is a cancer patient, and the mindset I have is helping literally cure her cancer in a world where cancer is deemed incurable. I’m friends with some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs there are and my financial competence is at a level I used to never think possible. And I owe a HUGE credit to Tai for that.

So you can make your own decision on this hot topic, hopefully you appreciate me being authentic and debunking all the problems associated with him. And hopefully he can change your life like he changed mine.

I shot this video months ago explaining a little more.

I also made a review for Tai’s 67 steps program

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